Sharda Vidhya Niketan Sr. Sec. School

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Near Ware House, Anupgarh 335701, (Rajasthan)India.

About Us

About The SVN School.

Nestled in the middle of Anupgarh on a large campus, SVN School was commissioned in April 2005. It has been recognized by the Directorate of Education, Rajasthan with affiliation to the Rajasthan Board of Education.

  • A guidance and counseling centre with psychologists and counselors
  • IT enabled smart classrooms
  • Committed to providing quality education

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be recognized as a Centre of Excellence in the field of education by meeting the challenges of the present & the future. Our aim through “Learn to serve the society” is to unlock the students’ potential, in still determination & self confidence through constant effort & encouragement and to grow rapidly by establishing a strong tradition of high quality, reliability and cost effective Technical education.

Our Mission

"True to education" is our mission. Our mission is to educate our children, the values that would help them to be self reliant, critical thinkers, responsive to changes, socially sensitive, manage complexities, sound in reasoning and appreciate diverse culture all across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners. As we firmly believe that the progress in today's world can only be achieved through interdependence.

Our Messages to Students and Parents

Dear Students & Parents,

One of the greatest gifts a parent can give their children is good education. We have established S.V.N. School with sole objective of providing best possible education leaving no stones untried. Everything we do at S.V.N. School is focused towards the better development of our students in all fields of life.

Now a day’s education is not only about academics, it’s about all-round development. Academic exultance is important i.e. sports, arts, dramatics, music & dance. Each child is different and has hidden interest and potential an independent, schooling should be about independent development of each child with forcing identifying (through vision) and encouraging it (Through Diligence) to achieve.

With the help & active partnership of our parents, we envision our students to grow up as the leaders of tomorrow. Our students will be a role model of society. We expect them to led their ambition able wing and not to be afraid to accomplish feats that others believe are impossible to our students never be tired of working towards their goals to achieve excellence in everything they want to achieve in life.

We welcome you to S.V.N. School family.

Mr. Raj Bahadur Singh
SVN School Anupgarh

It is an honour to be the Headmistress of S.V.N. School, as Headmistress, I truly believe that all children have potential and a treasure of talent that needs to be recognized and appreciated. Our school gives a healthy environment to the students for their all round development.

Our mission is to nurture every child to become a passionate learner of good character. The school is where pupil learns the lesson of dedication, moral values, discipline, regularity, co-operation and compassion for nation, passion for cleanliness, punctuality and respect for everyone. Our students are doing excellent academics as well as in other activities. We encourage all our children to develop skill knowledge, attitude and ability to stand up to every challenge can achieve easily. It is very essential for us to have parents Co-operation and participation. We always involve our parents in every event in which they get to know that their child is special to us and to them. We at S.V.N. School believe that only when there is a triangular rapport among the child, teacher and parents then a standard of excellence can be achieved. Dear children make your destiny by your sincere efforts; never lament for the past, lack forward for right future, success will be yours.

Urvashi Kushwah
SVN School Anupgarh

Fun Facts


Result Rate

Our result rate is 100 out of 100.


Happy Students

Our Happy student's ratio is more than 85%.


Best faculty

We have best and experienced faculty in area.



Our award achievement ratio is more than 95%.

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